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Try our Small-Batch, Hand-Made Soaps!

Welcome to 7220 Soap Company! We are excited to introduce you to our line of wholesome, handmade soaps created with pure, simple ingredients. Every ingredient selected is chosen with the intention of softly nurturing your skin and infusing your spirit with a happy dose of sunshine.

Fall is in the Air!

Our Holiday Spice Soap is cured and smellin' good! With ginger, orange & cinnamon, this bar of soap will warm your home and help welcome autumn! Try another one of our favorite fall favorites, the Dandelion Emerald soap dish, to decorate your bathroom with an extra touch of fall.

 7220 Soap Company has its sights set on opening a new branch of our organization, 7220 Mercantile! Our goal is to bring you high-quality, low-waste, zero-waste home goods and dry goods at a local brick and mortar store. We are still in the beginnings of this creation, but we are adding Mercantile products this fall. Check out our first 7220 Mercantile Product, Tranquility Tea, while you are waiting!

7220 Mercantile

Tea Tree Lavender Soap

Each of our soaps features nourishing base oils that moisturize your skin. The therapeutic essential oils clean and heal your skin, while delivering natural scents that calm and rejuvenate your mind.


At 7220 Soap Company, we’ve also partnered with a local artisan, who has created a stunning selection of gorgeous, hand-thrown and hand-rolled soap dishes. A charming pottery dish is a beautiful, thoughtful way to present a gift of our soaps—or keep it for yourself to add a touch of whimsy to your own bathroom or kitchen counter.

A Home for Your Soap

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