About Us

About 7220 Soap Co.

Welcome to my little small-batch, cold-press soap company. My name is Jodi, and I started making soap with essential oils at home for my family in 2015. I am so excited about the process of making soap naturally with limited ingredients and essential oils that do help keep skin stay healthy while providing aromatherapy for our minds and skin when we use it. I have always had a dream of owning a business that makes a product that is healthy and makes folks happy. 7220 Soap Co. has done just that! It has also married my chemistry accounting backgrounds in a perfect little company. I am located in the town of Evergreen, Colorado, elevation 7220', and aim to serve locals in our community through online ordering with pick-up and personal delivery options. I also am excited to serve the nation via shipping, or when I can, the-come-and-visit-you-and-bring-your-soap-with-me option.
I am working with an Evergreen local potter, Lee Wolff, who has helped create charming and functional soap dishes. She is versed in all types of pottery and loves a challenge. Please let us know if you need something particular that you don't see on the website and we can try to make it for you.